GOP’s Criticism of Rand Paul Over Budget Deal Shows How Awful Too Many Republicans Are

While Senator Rand Paul (R – KY) stood last night in opposition to his own party’s budget bill, many of his Republican colleagues couldn’t help but voice their displeasure. Yet, their comments are actually a reflection of just how awful the majority of Republicans have become. And it’s really an indictment on them, not the Senator from Kentucky.

Republicans are supposed to be the party of limited government and fiscal responsibility. Yet, there they were proposing a bill that would put the government on track to have annual deficits of over $1 Trillion. Senator Paul’s feelings are best summed up in this statement he made on the Senate floor:

“The hypocrisy is astounding. Every one of these Republicans complained about President Obama’s deficits.”

And he’s right. Yet, Senate Republicans were more than happy to make themselves party to an attempt to make Paul look like the bad guy. Senator John Thune (R – SD) called Paul’s efforts “a colossal waste of time. He never gets a result”. John Cornyn (R – TX) blamed Paul for “wasting everybody’s time”, said the move was “grossly irresponsible”, and referred to it as “bad behavior”. One of the worst Senate Republicans, Lindsey Graham (R – SC), accused Paul of making the move “to help Rand Paul”. An absolutely ridiculous assertion.

Such comments are indicative of the Republican Party establishment. Their message could really be summed up as, “Sit down, shut up, and do what you’re told.” But let’s be honest, not only are they upset because Senator Paul delayed their bill, but he exposed them for what they are in the process… hypocrites and frauds.

While pleading his case, Paul said:

“It’s worth a debate whether we should borrow a million dollars a minute.”

And he’s right there too. But unfortunately that only makes sense in an environment of logic and responsibility. And in the world known as “DC”, those things don’t often exist. In the end, the Senate passed the bill. The House stamped their approval on it this morning. And the President quickly signed it.

With spending out of control, a $20 Trillion debt, potential Obama-era-like deficits, and Republicans that celebrate with Democrats over a budget bill; I’d say the problem we have in Washington is that there’s not enough Rand Paul’s.




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