Is this Really the Worst CNN has on U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Emineth?

That bastion of liberal news known as CNN published a story just hours ago on U.S. Senate Candidate Gary Emineth that calls into question some posts he made on his social media accounts over the years. I’ll admit, at first glance, the headline is eye-catching. But after looking at the content of the article, I’m left to wonder if this is really the worst they have on him? If it is, then it may prove to be much to do about nothing.

At issue were seven examples from Emineth’s Facebook and Twitter accounts:

  1. While sharing a story about anti-Israel protesters clashing with riot police in France, Emineth commented, “Bunch of Arabs… what do you expect?”
  2. Next was a 2016 re-Tweet from Emineth in which he posted a meme that said, “No More Mosques in America, Like and Share if You Agree”.
  3. In a 2012 Facebook post, apparently Emineth referred to Obama as a “socialist”. Oh, and he liked a comment that called Obama a Muslim too.
  4. Then there’s the abbreviated description of President Obama in a 2014 Facebook post in which Emineth apparently called him a “POS”. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll let you do the research.
  5. The next example on the list would actually be laughable, if it weren’t so stupid, on the part of CNN. They describe it as an image Emineth shared on Facebook in 2014 “that compared people on food stamps to animals”. Only that’s not what it does at all.
  6. In a 2016 comment on Facebook, Emineth referred to climate change as, “an Anti-American effort to bring America down.”
  7. And finally, Emineth posted an article in 2016 from a “far-right site” that suggested the Clinton’s were behind the death of a man who had filed a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee alleging Hillary Clinton had rigged the 2016 primaries.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the CNN article and accompanying screen shots (all three of them).

Emineth will have the opportunity to answer for himself, but is this all really that scandalous?

After all, the protesters in France were Arabs.

And when it comes to the post on Mosques, if you look at the comments from the person who originally posted the meme, they make reference to, “In Islam the building of a Mosque is seen as a step towards conquest!” If you click here, you can read an article that gives an extensive list of examples to support this idea. And in addition to this, there are reports like this one from the New York Post last month that cite multiple examples of radicalism being preached in American Mosques. Would it be surprising that some American’s would find such things reprehensible?

I could go on, but I’m sure Gary Emineth will answer for himself. To me, it appears we’re talking about a man who’s Pro-Israel, opposed to radical Muslims, wasn’t a fan of President Obama and his socialist policies, identifies hypocrisy in our government, feels the climate change agenda is bad for America, and finds the Clintons scary. If this is true, then I’d say Emineth doesn’t have an awful lot to worry about with the electorate of North Dakota.

Perhaps the Emineth campaign should take the CNN recognition as a compliment. After all, being the water carriers for the liberal establishment that they are, would they bother if Emineth wasn’t a potential threat to the re-election of Senator Heidi Heitkamp? I doubt it. Heck, they even ran a story last year promoting a Tom Campbell candidacy over Kevin Cramer– a completely illogical idea to anyone except maybe a Democrat… or Tom Campbell.

No, when it comes down to it and the choice is between Gary Emineth and a candidate that votes to continue aborting babies at 20-weeks and gives high-fives to Chuck Schumer, I’ll go with Emineth every time.


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