URGENT ALERT: Hearing for Red Flag Gun Bill to be Held Wednesday Morning

Two weeks ago, we published an article blasting eight Republicans who joined two Democrats on the awful House Bill 1537— otherwise known as the “Red Flag Bill”. I highly recommend you read our previous article and the bill itself. In a nutshell, it would provide a means whereby guns could be confiscated from those who have committed no crime, but are sworn via affidavit to be “dangerous and in possession of a firearm.” The potential for abuse is in the details of the bill. It’s bad.

As you can imagine, the backlash in the aftermath of a news conference held by those who support the bill was significant. According to a variety of legislators in Bismarck, those who are sponsors of the bill had a rough few days as they heard from people across the state in opposition to the proposed legislation. Supposedly, some of them are even having second thoughts about their support for the atrocity.

Now is not the time to let up though. Supporters of gun rights and due process across North Dakota must press more! And a great opportunity to do that is tomorrow morning (Wednesday, January 30th) at 10:30am. This is when the bill will be heard in the House Judiciary Committee. It’s vitally important that the room be packed to overflowing. It is there that testimony — both for and against — will be heard.

Unfortunately, this meeting also comes at a time of horrific winter weather across much of the state. If for some reason you cannot be at the Capitol to urge a Do Not Pass on HB 1537, we would ask that you submit written testimony to the House Judiciary Committee. You can find their contact information here. And as always, contact your representatives and tell them you expect a “No” vote when it comes to the House floor.

Let’s send a message to the North Dakota State Legislature that gun control legislation isn’t welcome in North Dakota. And we’re not too fond of lawmakers who violate their oath of office either.




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