District 12 Republican Leadership Running Campaign of Deceit Against Young Republican

Grant Christensen, Candidate for District 12 House (Photo via grantchristensenfornd.com)

Back in March, we detailed the shenanigans perpetrated by District 12 Republican leadership to strip away the party’s endorsement from Young Republican Grant Christensen. If you haven’t already, you can read the details for yourself here.

To sum it up, after rightfully winning the endorsement convention, party leadership — together with losing candidate Mitch Ostlie — weren’t satisfied with the results. So, they illegally held a second convention, voided the results of the first, and gave the endorsement to Ostlie. This forced Christensen into a position of having to decide between legal action or gathering signatures to obtain ballot access. He wisely chose the latter.

Christensen’s campaign has been impressive— especially in light of the limitations imposed on candidates by COVID-19. He’s a limited government conservative Republican and is running a campaign on the principles espoused by the North Dakota Republican Party platform.

Because Christensen’s campaign has gained traction in District 12, it’s only natural that his opponents — Rep. Bernie Satrom and Mitch Ostlie — would feel threatened by it. An example of this can be found in a deceitful mailer they recently sent out (see below).

What Grant Christensen’s opponents are counting on is that few — if any — will actually look into the claims they’re making. Their hope is that people will take the deception at face value and believe Christensen has some sort of affiliation with the Libertarian Party. Furthermore, they’re looking to sow some kind of discord with voters over the mere mention of the Bastiat Caucus.

The reality though is quite different than that which is portrayed by the District 12 Republican mailer. Not only does Grant Christensen have no affiliation with the Libertarian Party, but members of the legislature’s Bastiat Caucus regularly score out as the most conservative lawmakers in Bismarck. In short, they actually vote like Republicans are supposed to.

In addition to all of this, it’s also worth noting that the District 12 race is one of those Governor Doug Burgum has decided to sink some money into. Both of Christensen’s opponents have received $2,500 each to defeat him. And that’s in addition to the $1.85 Million Burgum has sunk into his Dakota Leadership PAC— which is actively seeking to defeat conservatives in key races across the state.

What’s especially baffling about this deceitful political hit job is that Rep. Bernie Satrom dared to be a part of it. Let’s not forget that Satrom has a Lifetime Rating of just 67% with the American Conservative Union. Whether it was protecting private property rights by eliminating Quick Take Eminent Domain, supporting Cottage Food producers, or opposing cronyism; Bernie Satrom failed in all of it.

And that’s not even mentioning Satrom co-sponsoring the awful Red Flag gun confiscation— a bill that would’ve been a horrible violation of Due Process and the Second Amendment. He ultimately voted against it after significant opposition from voters. But the fact that he ever entertained the idea — and even put his name to it — should be cause for concern.

At the end of the day, people can say what they will about Grant Christensen. But one thing is for certain— he’s no RINO. He’s a conservative who truly believes in limited government. And that’s why some people don’t want him in the legislature.

Indeed, Don’t be Fooled— by the deceit of District 12 Republican Leadership.

(Note: If you’re interested, you can view Grant Christensen’s powerful campaign ad on the issue of Life below.)



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