A Document to Help Political Campaigns to Comply with Election Laws

We continue to have readers contact us with alleged violations of laws regarding political campaigns. For example, of a more serious nature, we’ve written in the past about Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary and what appears to be multiple violations of North Dakota’s Corrupt Practices Law. Lately, we’ve both received complaints – and seen others on social media – regarding improper placement of campaign signs.

If you’re part of an official political campaign or simply placing signs on your own, it may serve you well to familiarize yourself with a document provided by the North Dakota Secretary of State titled, “Helpful Campaign Practices: North Dakota Votes 2018“. The list of “Campaign Don’ts” on page of 11 may be particularly helpful.

Not only can failure to comply with laws regarding political campaigns become a legal issue, but it can alienate part of an electorate and cause more harm than good for desired candidates.

Don’t forget to participate in the political process by voting on June 12th.



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