RINOs Hate Limited Government “Bastiats” More Than Ever

Nearly two years ago, I wrote an article explaining why RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) don’t like the Bastiat Caucus. Oddly enough, I think it might just be more applicable today than when I wrote it then. The Republican political establishment seemingly hates the “Bastiats” more than ever.

One example of this reality is embodied in someone who has declared himself to be “North Dakota’s Most Popular and Influential” political blogger. Unfortunately, the once-thought conservative — he still claims to be that too — has taken up defending “moderates” instead of actual conservatives. His disdain for Bastiats has reached a level one might call obsessive.

As is typical of those who just can’t stomach the ideals of limited government, there’s more name-calling to go with their grievances than any actual debate on the battlefield of ideas. “Trumpy”, “noisy minority”, “obnoxious”, and “secretive” are examples. Indeed, this is how they attempt to discredit the “kooks” they disagree with. It’s the same kind of nauseating tactics we’ve seen from Democrats— create a narrative, add a negative spin, and parade it around as truth.

Together with all this, we’re also evangelized to the idea that “competent moderate leadership” has served the state well. I vehemently disagree. My list of reasons is too long to note them all here. A 160% spending increase (from 2009 to 2019), an unnecessary $50 Million Presidential Library, subsidizing needle exchange programs, exempting legislators from open records laws, stripping the State Auditor of his authority to initiate performance audits, and less than desirable votes on certain gun bills are just some of them. We can do so much better.

The current opposition to the Bastiats seems to be rooted in fear though. There’s been contention within the party for a while. Only now, I guess we’re supposed to cue the scary music and fret at the idea of the big bad scary secretive Bastiats lurking in North Dakota’s political shadows.

The thought of this is supposed to keep you up at night. I mean, can you imagine a Republican Party that actually acts — you know — Republican? ***Gasp*** Think of it— decreased spending, lower taxes (even the potential for elimination of some), decreased regulations, increased government transparency, school choice, and the list goes on. The thought of these things should send shivers down your spine— I guess.

As I said two years ago— The reality is that big government Republicans can’t stand Bastiats because it’s a constant reminder to them that they’re not as Republican as they should be. Oh sure, many might pay lip service to limited government talking points — like true Free Markets, the 2nd Amendment, local control of education, cutting taxes, etc. — during campaign time or townhalls, but when it comes time to vote, they’re too often found on the wrong side of the issues.

So, rather than fess up to the reality of who they really are, they instead attack the most conservative among them— as if it’s the Bastiats who don’t fit in the party. When the reality is that the Bastiats are far more Republican than the people criticizing them ever were.


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