Source Says Lawmaker Has Admitted Accusation Against Simons is Untrue

Rep. Dick Anderson (R - District 6) addresses the House during the 2019 Session. (Photo via screenshot.)

UPDATE: Rep. Anderson has sent out an apology via email since the publication of this article. It reads:

“House Members
“I would like to apologize to the house members for an email I sent last Friday I believe, concerning underwear I misspoke about that incident.”

Original article below—

A variety of allegations have been made against Rep. Luke Simons (R – District 36). He faces possible expulsion when the House meets today at 1pm. I wrote earlier about how poorly the situation has been handled by House leadership.

One of those allegations lofted at Rep. Simons actually came from one of his own colleagues in the House, Rep. Dick Anderson (R – District 6). It was sent in an email to other legislators:

“He has 14 pages of allegations against him, the women in Legislative council all refuse to work with him, a young legislator who is a great gal had to move away from him because he asked her what color panties she had on everyday, if she had on thong panties, the gal in the cafeteria asked him once to wear a mask he blew up after one comment from her and there are numerous witnesses on that.  If he stays he won’t change his behavior and he is an extreme liability to the state.”

The “young legislator” Rep. Anderson is referring to is Rep. Emily O’Brien (R – District 42). While O’Brien has made allegations herself, you’ll notice here that she never mentions panties like Anderson does.

I can tell you that I now have it from multiple sources that Rep. O’Brien has been confronted about Rep. Anderson’s claim and has denied it ever happening. As you might imagine, false accusations are deeply troubling.

Regardless of where you stand on the claims against Simons, I think we can all agree that Due Process should be had and the truth should come out. But if what I’m being told — that Anderson’s claim to the entire House is false — it’s a travesty. And he should publicly apologize— before they gavel into session today.

What say you, Rep. Anderson?



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