Another Drag Show Involving Kids Scheduled in Fargo

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In March of last year, we published an article titled, “Sexploitation: Kids Drag Show Planned in Fargo“. As you may recall, a group known as the “Hot Mess Harlots” were scheduled to “instruct the kids on what it means to be a drag performer.” This included “the history, and tricks and tips on how to be the best performer possible” with a follow-up afterwards “to assist in putting together a production for the kids.” As you’ll see in the article, it was something we felt was wholly inappropriate. Thankfully, the event was cancelled— as explained here.

It will come as no surprise to you that the producer for the Hot Mess Harlots took issue with our article, telling HPR:

“That article made a lot of the kids pull out of the show. The moms got scared and there was only one kid that would be able to perform. There’s no show with one kid.

“We weren’t going to put the kids in full body or even bras, it was literally little boys in dresses from Goodwill and using makeup provided by us and give them a show in the middle of the show. Nothing sexual.”

“I was just grossed out that they would go to that place. The sexualized place. I was like, ‘Who are you to do that?’ This is an outlet for the kids. They can get their aggression out in a healthy safe environment.”

Seriously, a grown man — who dresses like a woman — “grossed out” by our having a problem with him and his fellow “harlots” teaching children how to also dress in drag and perform? And we’re supposed to take solace in the fact that they apparently hadn’t planned on putting “the kids in full body or even bras”? Unbelievable.

Unfortunately, it appears the cancellation of “Kids in a Drag Show” last year wasn’t the end of it. A reader of The Minuteman sent me this link to an upcoming event in August known as “Youth Pride — All Ages Drag Show”. According to the details of the event, the invitation is to:

“Join us for an eleganza extravaganza – a night of glamour, fierceness, and entertainment and of course a whole lot of drag realness and a few other surprises, too. You don’t want to miss out on this amazing night!” (Emphasis Added)

And then this notation— “All Ages Welcome!”

Call me “old fashioned”, but I find the involvement of children in these events to be nothing short of despicable. There’s no question in my mind that it creates an environment that can be destructive to young people. As one journalist expressed last year for the Washington Examiner:

“… The parents, guardians, and advocates of transgender or drag kids are not only supportive, but seem to be encouraging the child’s experience and publicity.

“There’s nothing politically correct about this new frontier; it’s abuse, merely distorted and cloaked in progressivism.

“…children who are encouraged to embrace their opposite gender, or who are encouraged to dress in drag when they are not sexually developed or even coherent about sexuality, may grow up to be profoundly confused about their sexuality and gender. I still clutch my young children when they cross the street; why would I encourage them to embrace drag as if they would somehow be fully informed about the topic and how inherently important sexuality is to a person?”

Consider these two points. One study showed that suicide rates among transgender adults is a staggering 41%— compared to 4.6% of the general population. The American College of Pediatricians found that up to 95% of children with Gender Dysphoria “will accept the reality of their biological sex by late adolescence.” With these two points as a back drop, who in their right mind would consider it a good idea to expose children to these types of environments?

Now, as I mentioned in last year’s article, according to what I’ve read, not all of those who participate in these types of shows suffer from Gender Dysphoria. But the principle remains intact that children shouldn’t be put in such positions when they lack the capacity to deal with everything such a lifestyle might entail.

In December of last year, headlines were ablaze with articles like this one detailing an 11-year-old boy dressed in drag and dancing at a gay bar— while dollar bills were being thrown at him. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the first time the boy had been in the news.

Just months ago, Houston Public Library made headlines when it was discovered that a registered sex offender had “been reading to children at Houston Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime.” While the library banned the man, does the fact that it even happened indicate an insane desire to be so politically correct that we don’t consider the ramifications of these things for children?

To further illustrate what activists like these celebrate, we only need to look at the event that follows the “Youth Pride — All Ages Drag Show” on the very next day. You can see it on Facebook here— it’s the “Pride Block Party”. And who is sponsoring it? Yep, the same organization that is sponsoring the All Ages Draw Show— a “community organization” known as Fargo-Moorhead Pride.

Did you notice who they’ve invited to promote the block party? A drag queen that goes by the name of “Ongina”. Yeah, I didn’t know who he was either. But according to his own website:

“Ongina is one unique artist who will leave an imprint in your mind and hopefully your hearts! Her name originated from the fascination of a certain kind of ‘ina’, but she has more balls than a raging bull! Ongina maybe as sweet as apple pie, but she’s ‘blade ready’ when she needs to be. Gender bending, head-piece wearing, recently tucking Ongina is one who surely delivers!”

Aside from being known as a famous drag queen, Ongina is also an HIV activist— having been diagnosed himself with the disease in April of 2006.

Again, is this really the type of lifestyle we should be introducing to our children? Yet, it’s obvious to me that children are the target. In their rush to be accepted by society in general, it seems that those who support the lifestyle connected to these kinds of shows have no problem utilizing children to accomplish their goals. And it’s wrong.

As I wrote over a year ago, adults can do what they wish. But when it comes to children, we are supposed to protect them, not exploit them. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s not acceptable. Intentional or not, it’s indeed nothing short of “abuse, merely distorted and cloaked in progressivism”.



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