Sexploitation: Kids Drag Show Planned in Fargo

If you’ve followed The Minuteman Blog for an extended period of time, then you know that we’re pretty libertarian in the way that we approach things. For example, when it comes to adults and their life choices, we may not always agree with the choices being made, but we recognize the right to make them, so long as others aren’t being harmed. And that’s the key– so long as others aren’t being harmed.

As adults, we’re supposed to be protectors of children. Abuse, neglect, and exploitation of children has always been frowned upon in the world I live in. Unfortunately, it appears that times are changing in some segments of our society. Such is the case with an event scheduled to take place in Fargo on April 7th called, “Kids in a Drag Show”. No, I’m not joking– unfortunately. You can see the Facebook event here.

In the “About” section of the event, it describes it as follows:

“The Hot Mess Harlots will be here to instruct the kids on what it means to be a drag performer, the history, and tricks and tips on how to be the best performer possible! After the workshop, we’ll be able to assist in putting together a production for the kids!”

Who are the “Hot Mess Harlots? They’re based out of Moorhead, Minnesota. And according to their Facebook page they’re:

“Not just another drag show! We welcome and support all kinds of performance art! Interested in performing? Contact us! We’ve revived drag in the FM area!”

The choice of location to “instruct the kids on what it means to be a drag performer” is a rather interesting one as well. Just last month, this location put on an Erotic Art Show. According to one article:

“The Red Raven had their annual opening party for the Erotic Art Show last week, drawing in a sizeable crowd that got to take home free condoms, lubricant, chapstick, and Planned Parenthood pins and brochures.

“The party began with a live performance by the local musical duo, So Sad. Later in the night there was a raffle for shirts, CDs, coupons, and other prizes donated by local businesses. The proceeds from this raffle were donated to Fargo’s local Planned Parenthood branch.”

According to The Forum, it was this same business that put a “satirical ban” on legislators in 2015 who “killed a bill that would have outlawed discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation”. But I digress.

I suppose the choice of venue for “Kids in a Drag Show” isn’t so surprising when we consider that their donations went to an organization that believes:

“Young people are sexual beings. They have sexual needs, desires, fantasies and dreams. It is important for all young people around the world to be able to explore, experience and express their sexualities in healthy, positive, pleasurable and safe ways. This can only happen when young people’s sexual rights are guaranteed.”

The question at hand is whether it’s appropriate for children to be subjected to training on “what it means to be a drag performer”– with “tricks and tips”, a “workshop”, and “a production for the kids”? Similar questions were the topic of some discussions last summer when an 8-year old Montreal boy made headlines, when his parents encouraged and supported him in his drag performances. And recent reports covered the story of a 10-year old boy from Brooklyn who launched a drag club for kids.

According to federal law, child abuse and neglect are defined as:

“Any recent act or failure to act on the part of a parent or caretaker which results in death, serious physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation; or An act or failure to act which presents an imminent risk of serious harm.”

Does training your child to be a drag performer qualify? The Washington Examiner published one author’s view back in January in which she pulled no punches on the topic:

“Move over transgender kids, there is a new trend in town. Drag kids — kids dressed in full garb of their biologically opposite gender — are now joining the scene with transgender kids. The parents, guardians, and advocates of transgender or drag kids are not only supportive, but seem to be encouraging the child’s experience and publicity.

“There’s nothing politically correct about this new frontier; it’s abuse, merely distorted and cloaked in progressivism.

“…children who are encouraged to embrace their opposite gender, or who are encouraged to dress in drag when they are not sexually developed or even coherent about sexuality, may grow up to be profoundly confused about their sexuality and gender. I still clutch my young children when they cross the street; why would I encourage them to embrace drag as if they would somehow be fully informed about the topic and how inherently important sexuality is to a person?”

It’s a fair point. We must remember that children’s minds are still developing. Is it wise to push them into such a lifestyle? We shouldn’t forget it’s a demographic known for poor mental health and high rates of suicide.

One study showed that suicide rates among transgender adults is a staggering 41%– compared to 4.6% of the general population. The American College of Pediatrics reported that:

“The norm for human development is for an individual’s thoughts to align with physical reality; for an individual’s gender identity to align with biologic sex. People who identify as ‘feeling like the opposite sex’ or ‘somewhere in between’ or some other category do not comprise a third sex. They remain biological men or biological women. [Gender dysphoria] is a problem that resides in the mind not in the body.”

They continued:

“…80 percent to 95 percent of children with [Gender Dysphoria] accepted their biological sex by late adolescence.”

To be fair, according to what I’ve read, not all of those who participate in these types of shows suffer from Gender Dysphoria. But the principle remains intact that children shouldn’t be put in such positions when they lack the capacity to deal with everything such a lifestyle might entail. Along these lines, the American College of Pediatrics also pointed out:

“The adolescent brain does not achieve the capacity for full risk assessment until the early to mid-twenties.”

As I said when I began, adults can do what they wish. But when it comes to children, we are supposed to protect them, not exploit them. It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s not acceptable. Intentional or not, it’s indeed nothing short of “abuse, merely distorted and cloaked in progressivism”.



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