In Defense of Rep. Luke Simons

Politics can be a nasty thing. And, unfortunately, it often brings out the very worst in some people. Such seems to be the case towards Rep. Luke Simons (R – District 36) as apparently some folks think he’s hitting his red button just to get attention. Not only is this claim ridiculous, but it’s horribly inaccurate.

It is true that Rep. Simons votes against legislation more often than the average legislator. In fact, not only does he do it more often than the average legislator, he does it WAY more often than the Big Government Establishment Republicans that are used to getting their way at the State Capitol. You know, those same Big Government Establishment Republicans that more than doubled the budget and spent like drunkards with pockets full of $100 bills. Yeah, those same ones that spent to the point of requiring a special session to address a budget shortfall last August.

Only an ignoramus would claim that Rep. Simons was voting red to get attention. And ignorance would be a kind reason. The only other possible reason would be from those that would like to intentionally damage his reputation. I certainly hope that nobody has stooped that low.

You see, there’s something that Rep. Luke Simons has that has nearly been eradicated from the political scene in North Dakota– and across the country for that matter. It’s called principles. And it is his principles that cause him to do something else that is so very rare anymore… he actually takes his oath of office seriously and uses the Federal and State Constitutions as his guide in making decisions on votes. Put the two together and we call that integrity.

Of course, it’s no surprise that such mutterings exist. When a person like Rep. Simons stands up, they stand out. And that usually results in such a legislator having a proverbial target on their back. Why? Because the status quo doesn’t like to be challenged. Push back is not welcome. Such is the mantra of those that believe and act more like Democrats than the Republicans they claim to be.

The Constitution, limited government, low taxes, sound fiscal policy, personal responsibility, accountability, Free Markets, God, family, country, and individual Liberty. These are what Rep. Luke Simons stands for. It’s who he is. And if necessary, he’ll stand alone. Not for attention, but because it’s the right thing to do. That’s called courage and leadership. Two things sorely lacking in the world of politics today.

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