URGENT: Burgum Pressures Lawmakers to Revote on Limiting His Powers

Last Friday, the North Dakota Legislature passed House Bill 1386 by a margin of 54-39. This was somewhat of a surprise, because the bill came out of committee with a 9-5 Do Not Pass. But Rep. Rick Becker (R – District 7) saved the bill on the floor with a very logical and constitutionally principled speech.

Among other things, if it became law, HB 1386 would clarify it in Century Code that the governor could not limit the hours of operation and capacity of businesses via Executive Order.

Just minutes ago, Rep. Becker — the bill’s primary sponsor — took to Facebook and let followers know that efforts are allegedly underway by the governor’s office to get the House to reconsider the bill. In other words, Governor Burgum wants a revote and wants the bill killed.

Let’s be honest here, if this bill is reconsidered and defeated, we’ll know exactly who’s in the governor’s pocket. The session has started. You can view it by clicking here.

If you have a quick moment, shoot your representatives an email and let them know you want them to support HB 1386.



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