Burgum’s $411,000 Political Agenda

Rep. Thomas Beadle (R - District 27) speaks about the FM Diversion. (Photo via screenshot.)

As you may have read last week, Governor Doug Burgum recently gave $195,000 to a Political Action Committee (PAC) set on defeating conservatives in key races across the state. Yes, that same PAC — known as Dakota Leadership PAC — I wrote about earlier this month. It’s being run by former Burgum staffers.

The fact that Burgum is targeting conservative candidates is not a surprise to readers of The Minuteman. We also published an article about this very thing back in February and again in April.

As if donating $195,000 to the PAC wasn’t enough, Burgum has thrown in another $85,000 to the pot. That brings the total to $280,000. This is unprecedented in North Dakota politics— for a number of reasons.

If we add in contributions he made directly to other campaigns, the total is $311,000. Toss in the $100,000 he’s given to his own campaign and the total currently sits at a whopping $411,000.

And all for what? Well, the “Burgum Agenda” of course. It’s a phrase we’re seeing pop up on campaign mailers from the aforementioned PAC. But what does the Burgum Agenda even mean? It must be pretty important to the state’s Chief Executive. But does it bother you, as a voter, that there’s nothing to tell us what it really is?

I mean, all we know so far is that Governor Burgum is spending a lot of money in hopes of making it a reality. And the troubling thing is he wants to defeat conservatives to do it.

In one respect, this kind of comes across as an act of desperation. It seems Burgum and his PAC are willing to do about anything to win. And from other mailers they’ve sent, that includes doing something as silly as photo-shopping in President Trump next to their candidates. I’m not joking (see below).

For example, take this one from State Treasurer candidate Thomas Beadle:

And this one from House candidates seeking to defeat conservatives in District 8:

This has reached a level of ridiculous. And we’re left to wonder if voters are actually going to fall for it? If Doug Burgum is willing to do this with his money — in hopes of defeating conservatives — perhaps we should be asking what the heck he plans on doing with ours?



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