Dems Battle Plan for 2020 is to Promise Americans Free Stuff

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There’s a post from political newcomer and rising star Candace Owens that is making its rounds on social media. You can see it here:

I think her overall point is a good one. And recent headlines seem to prove it. Let me think. Just off the top of my head, there’s the recent debate on reparations. Heck, for Elizabeth Warren, reparations for descendants of slaves isn’t enough— gay couples should have them too. Then there’s Bernie’s advocacy for “free” college and university— including wiping out $1.6 Trillion of student debt. Oh, and let’s not forget healthcare for all— and that goes for illegal immigrants too. The sad thing— this isn’t all of it. Just go look at the 20-something candidate’s running for the Democratic nomination for president and you’ll find more.

“Shared prosperity” and “economic justice” are examples of the terminology being used by candidates to justify their platform positions. Promises are being made to seemingly every age group found between cradle and the grave. Whether you’re African-American, Hispanic, Native American, or whatever, it appears some Democratic candidate has something for you.

Exactly how would all of these things be paid for? Well, according to Bernie Sanders, Americans would be “delighted to pay more in taxes” if he has his way. Does that make people like me “un-American” if we’re not delighted to pony up more of our hard-earned dollars? If so, that would be kind of odd considering how American Patriots from the Revolutionary Period of American History felt about taxes. But I digress.

Self-respect, thrift, and charitable giving were once hallmarks of an industrious and self-reliant American people. For those who still hold them as such, these attempts by the current field of Democratic presidential candidates to bribe the electorate are insulting. Their blatant advocacy for dependence upon the government — at the expense of fellow Americans — is nothing short of soul-destroying worship of the State.

But does any of this really surprise us? Not really. After all, it’s easy to offer bribes when you’re using other people’s money.




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