Liberty ND PAC Endorses Larsen, Hoverson, & Paulson for ND Senate and House

(District 3 Republican candidates: Jeff Hoverson, Oley Larsen, & Bob Paulson--- Photo via Facebook)


BISMARCK, ND – For the first time, Liberty ND PAC has endorsed an entire team from a single district. Liberty ND PAC announced its endorsement of Oley Larsen for Senate, and Bob Paulson and Jeff Hoverson for House in District 3 in Minot, ND. District 3 includes much of the eastern portion of Minot, ND, and the rural community to the east and south. It also includes the community of Surrey, ND.

Oley Larsen is ranked most conservative ND Senator by the ACU. He has worked as a teacher, mechanic, and insurance professional. Oley has a B.A. in Vocational Education, an A.A.S in Diesel Tech and an M.S. in Education Leadership from NDSU. He has served as Department Chair for Career and Technical Education, President of TITH, and Lead Advisor for Skills-USA. In 2006 he received the National Citizenship Education Teacher Award and educator of the year in 2000. He is an enrolled member of the Kluane First Nation.

Bob Paulson retired as a naval Commander after 24 years. He participated in Operation Desert Shield, coordinating the air wing’s participation in Noble Eagle, enduring freedom and Iraqi Freedom. He led Squadron missions around the globe, including deployment in the War on Terror. In 2005, he was selected as Chiefs of Staff officer of the Navy’s largest Air Wing.

“District 3 has turned out the strongest liberty ticket in the state of North Dakota,” said Andrea Toman, Executive Director of Liberty ND PAC. “Oley Larsen has been a lone wolf in the Senate. His work there to champion liberty causes has not gone unnoticed. In 2017, Oley boldly sponsored SB 2180 to refuse federal education funding tied to federal mandates. That is just one example of his commitment to state’s rights and doing what’s best for North Dakota. With Bob and Jeff joining him as house candidates, District 3 will be a beacon for liberty in North Dakota for years to come.”

Oley has been married to Liz for 32 years and they have two children. He is active in the Marriage Building Committee with Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, NAIFA-ND, and with Knights of Columbus.

Jeff and his wife Joanne live in Dahlen, ND, and have six children. He has 25 years of ministry experience and is currently pastor at Living Word Church in Minot. A former school teacher, Jeff is also a businessman operating LoVE ice cream food truck with his family.

Bob settled on a farm southeast of Minot with his wife Cheryl and their 10 children. He serves on the Lighthouse Church and Dakota Hope Clinic boards and is treasurer for Minot Gideons International. He ministers at Ward County jail and serves local soup kitchens.

This is Bob’s and Jeff’s first run for House, and Oley is running for a third term. All three have been endorsed by the District 3 Republican Party. The election in November 6, 2018.

Liberty ND PAC was formed in April of 2012 to influence state and local elections in the state of North Dakota. Their mission is to promote the Constitution, limited government, state sovereignty, transparency, free markets, property rights, individual liberty, protection of life, and religious freedom in North Dakota by engaging in political action. Such political action may include identifying and supporting candidates for office, lobbying for or against legislation, conducting political training and educational activities.


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