Expect Skepticism When You Drop Politically Advantageous Accusations

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh (Photo via Fair Use).

As I’ve admitted many times here on The Minuteman, national politics aren’t exactly the focus of my political interests. I simply believe that the best thing we can do to change the country is to change that which we have most control over— namely ourselves, followed by local and state government. But having said that, you’d almost have to be a modern-day Neanderthal to not have at least heard something of what’s going on with President Donald Trump’s nomination of appeals court judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States.

So, in case you recently crawled out of your cave, it’s almost as simple as this… Trump nominates Kavanaugh → Trump haters lose their minds → confirmation hearings turn into a circus (some might say freak show) → 36-year old sexual assault allegations are tossed into the mix → and Democrats pray it all results in delaying or completely derailing the nomination.

In a sense, the truthfulness of the allegations against Kavanaugh have taken a back seat to the timing of them. At the risk of sounding insensitive to those who have suffered some form of sexual assault, is it entirely out of line for many Americans – from all kinds of political persuasions – to approach the issue with some degree of skepticism? Or has the recent #metoo movement brought us to a point where every accusation is to be considered as Gospel Truth? And those who are unwilling to grab their torches and pitchforks are labeled as part of the problem? Is there no such thing as innocent until proven guilty anymore?

I have no idea what happened or didn’t happen 36 years ago between Judge Kavanaugh and his accuser. And to be honest, it’s likely we’ll never know. After all, barring some form of unexpected evidence surfacing, how can this even be proven? But putting politics aside – together with Kavanaugh’s legal decisions – it seems many are willing to testify to his character in the years that have followed. So, again, is it completely unreasonable to expect at least some thread of skepticism about last minute accusations like these? I don’t believe so.

It might even be fair to say that Democrats aren’t even as interested in the truth as they are in playing political games.



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