Republican Traitors: Six Senators Go Turncoat on Obamacare Repeal

It’s politics. It shouldn’t surprise us when promises are broken and politicians act like… well… politicians. But on Wednesday, Republicans had an opportunity to do something the House and Senate voted in favor of just two years ago… to get a “clean repeal” on major parts of Obamacare.

In 2015 the only thing that stood between Republican’s and a successful repeal was President Barrack Obama himself when he vetoed the bill. Fast forward to 2017 and the only thing standing between Republican’s and a successful repeal was… umm… Republicans. (Go ahead and do a face palm here.) Yes, that’s right. Seven Republicans chose to vote with the Democrats in opposition to the repeal. And to be even more specific, six of those seven Republicans voted FOR the same repeal just two years ago. Here are the turncoats:

Dean Heller, R-Nev.

Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va.

Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn.

Rob Portman, R-Ohio

Lisa Murkowski R-Alaska

John McCain, R-Ariz.

Aside from the fact that the United States Constitution enumerates absolutely no authority to the federal government when it comes to healthcare – After all, why let a silly thing like the Constitution get in the way of growing government? – Obamacare is, as Donald Trump says, a “disaster”.

With sky-rocketing premiums and high deductibles, many people – especially the young and healthy – chose to pay penalties instead. That leaves a large number of sick and older folks signing up and adding pressure to an already increasingly expensive system. Last November it was reported that John McCain’s Arizona would see 116 percent premium increases for a 27-year-old.

We’ve also seen insurance company after insurance company pull out of the exchanges. This leaves droves of counties across the nation with a sole insurance provider. Aetna, for example, will only participate in the exchange with four states this year. Humana shut down in Tennessee, leaving over 40,000 people with no option.

But in spite of the obvious government-induced problem known as Obamacare – and the Republican promises to repeal it – the aforementioned turncoats jumped ship and made nice with the enemy. An all too common practice in our nation’s Capitol.

Is it any wonder that last November Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute predicted the following:

With Republicans who couldn’t care less about their oath of office, the Constitution, and the value of a true Free Market system; is it any wonder that Tanner’s comments now seem to be prophetic?

What is now needed going forward is a “spirited campaign” and a “very heavy price to pay” for voting against the repeal. Two things that Senator John McCain himself called for when he favored repeal seven years ago:


1. 2.




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