GUEST POST: Critical Race Theory is in North Dakota

Leon Francis speaks on the importance of conservatism. (Photo via Facebook)

This article was published with the permission of its author, Leon Francis. Leon is an IT guy, radio talk show host, former district chair for the NDGOP, husband, and father.

Think you’re insulated from Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Do you think that your kids are safe from bigoted, self-loathing indoctrination from the folks in New York City?

Think again. Your North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (ND DPI) has incorporated CRT right into your kids curriculum!

Have you ever heard of an organization called “Generation Citizen”? These folks believe that America was built on “systemic marginalization of communities of color”, and their specialty is peddling this racist nonsense to schools.

The ND DPI has partnered with Generation Citizen to make sure that your kiddos understand that if they are white, they are a product of privilege. And my kids? Well they’d be the hapless victims of the racist society built by their “friends'” parents and grandparents!

(Editorial Note: DPI Superintendent Kirsten Baesler is a member of Generation Citizen’s Political Advisory Council.)

ND DPI is speaking out of both sides of its mouth when it says, “Area schools have never been a part of the critical race theory curriculum” and that “they have no plans to change that.” While at the same time the DPI website it says that Generation Citizen, a company out of New York City, will provide “project support for the current ND social studies standards“.

Ever notice how comfortable these guys are lying to you?

Adding racial insult to propagandist injury, the Fargo public school system has opened a new position that is focused on “race, equity, and inclusion” and has already ordered the books for this propaganda!
Again, it says so right on their website.

Fact: Learning through the lens of race contradicts everything America stands for.

The guy the school district “partnered” with? Andrew Wilkes. He’s a self-avowed socialist AND a CRT proponent.

Don’t be surprised when your kids and grandkids come to visit you one day and have a very different perspective about YOU than they once did.

Something else I have personally noticed is this: The folks in our education department never seem to partner with black conservatives. It seems they’re only interested in black voices and viewpoints if they are black socialist.

Or black progressives.

Or black race baiters.

Since the school’s test scores are so dismal, I for one, would much prefer they stick to the three R’s. But since we’re getting this race tripe shoved down our collective throats, at least give the illusion of unbiased impartiality! These folks don’t even try.

Another personal note: I know from personal experience that the North Dakota public education system is fairly bigoted. They don’t expect a lot from black children or black parents for that matter. One of the primary reasons I pulled my children out of the North Dakota public school system is precisely that contemptible bigotry of low expectations.

And now they plan to teach little black children that they are “victims”. They plan to codify their bigotry in curriculum by teaching little black kids that high expectations are fruitless and greatness unattainable because of the system of bigotry in America that was set up against them. Sounds like more “woke, race to the bottom” nonsense to me.

North Dakota has been infiltrated, and they plan to infect your children with this bigotry. As the doublespeak on their websites proves, they have no intentions of being honest with you or altering the course they’ve undertaken. They don’t care what you think about them or the propaganda they plan to introduce to your children.

My question to you is: What are YOU prepared to do about it?



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