Dickinson State Requiring Vaccine Cards to be Exempt from Mask Mandate

DSU rolled out a policy that those who provide proof of vaccination can be exempted from their mask mandate. Those who qualify get a pin or bracelet showing they "Busted Out". (Photo via screenshot.)

For those at Dickinson State, who don’t like the university’s mask mandate, they now have an alternative choice— get vaccinated for COVID-19. Call it what you will, but to the powers that be at DSU, they see it as an incentive.

According to the DSU News, last week administration voted to allow an exemption from the university’s mask mandate if those on campus provide a vaccine card to the Office of Academic Records. The decision went into effect today.

In order to qualify, individuals must be 14 days post vaccination. Those who do will “receive a ‘Bustin’ Out’ pin or bracelet to wear providing them an exemption from the current campus-wide mask mandate.”

But is there actually a correlation between mask usage and number of positive tests for COVID-19? Conservative political activist and talk show host Steve Deace recently showed this chart that indicates there isn’t.

I made a similar point back in November. At the time, I had researched and found that some of the worst states with COVID-19 had the longest running mandates. The lack of correlation wasn’t exactly a surprise. After all, the first article I did on the virus — on March 16, 2020 — was titled, “Government Can’t Stop Spread of the Coronavirus“.

I can’t help but wonder where we’re going with this? Will policies like the one implemented at DSU catch on and become the standard in many areas of the country? Is this what Americans have to look forward to— papers or else? Get ready for it. It appears to be coming.

Those who accept the premise upon which policies like this are crafted can’t logically go back. In fact, they have to expand them beyond COVID-19. At least they do if they’re intent on being consistent. I pointed this out back in December when I wrote, “Let’s Be Honest, We’re Being Asked to Mask Up— Forever“.

But then again, maybe these folks aren’t overly concerned about being consistent. This is evidenced by the fact that DSU simultaneously announced their plans to dispense with their mask mandate in the fall— just prior to what is often the beginning of flu season. (By the way, the flu kills tens of thousands of people each year. Yet, I don’t recall this kind of madness before.)

But hey, who are we to question these things? We’re just supposed to comply, right? Because apparently — in 2021 — that’s what good Americans do. Heck, you might even get a fancy little pin or bracelet to wear for doing it too.



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