Bakken Submits Signatures for Bismarck Mayoral Race

Steve Bakken poses for a picture as he turns in signatures to be placed on the ballot for mayor of Bismarck in the June 12th election.

Today Steve Bakken submitted signatures to be placed on the ballot as a candidate for Bismarck mayor in the June 12 election.

“This is an important step for the campaign. I’m ready to serve, and I’m prepared to run the race necessary to win,” said Bakken.

Bakken, a business development and marketing consultant, is challenging incumbent Mike Seminary, who is running for his third term.

Seminary announced his intentions to seek re-election way back in November. But his time as Mayor of Bismarck hasn’t been without controversy. Whether it was his decision to “stand in solidarity” with the menacing protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline, incriminating himself at the Livability Summit, or being the target of a recall effort – which we wrote about a number of times – Seminary hasn’t been particularly popular with many of the residents of Bismarck.

Bakken officially announced his candidacy back in January and gathered over 600 signatures– well above the 300 required to be certified as a candidate.

“Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve received tremendous support from the citizens of Bismarck. I think the people are ready for a change,” he said.

Bakken was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and attended UND. He and his wife Wendy live in Bismarck.



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