Does the War on Marijuana Make Sense?

The North Dakota media is making a big deal about “one of the largest seizures of marijuana in state history” being made Tuesday evening during a traffic stop near Berthold. Apparently 122 pounds of the stuff was confiscated– a street value of $600,000.

Please don’t take any of the comments I’m about to make as “anti-law enforcement”. That’s simply not the case. I get it that it’s the law and they were doing their job. You’ll get no argument from me on those points. But must we continue making criminals out of non-violent drug offenders?

In this specific case, three people are facing charges– the driver of the vehicle with the marijuana and two others in a separate vehicle that was allegedly a look-out vehicle. They will now be processed through the legal system. And who pays for that? Yep, taxpayers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it. Our prisons are full of non-violent drug offenders. All at the expense of who? Yep, taxpayers. It’s just senseless.

I’m not advocating for drug use. Not at all. On a personal level, I despise the stuff. But let’s be honest, the War on Marijuana is an epic failure. The government can’t stop it. Nor should it. If we’re going to punish people through the legal system, then let’s do it for actual crimes where there’s a victim. Not for some goofball driving down the road with a load of a plant in the back seat.

Shocking to me is that apparently I’m not alone in my feelings. The comments of one Facebook article on this particular case was overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing the stuff. And I agree. Stop wasting our money. If people have a problem, they need help not prison.




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